Care and Maintenance

taking care of your purchase

All furniture over time will have a normal degradation, change in appearance and natural decay. This is particularly typical of fabrics and leathers as a result of “wear and tear”. This should be expected on all furniture over time. If a new piece of furniture arrives defective you should inform us within 30 days to be eligible for our Money Back Guarantee. Up to 365 days we will provide you with store credit up to the purchase price. Additional to our store guarantee certain products also carry a Manufacturer’s Warranty that you will find on the individual product page where applicable.

For your furniture to maintain its shape and finish as long as possible, it’s important that you take good care of it. Furniture leather, upholstery fabrics and cottons are not self-cleaning or maintenance free. These materials are affected by natural skin oils, hair, acidic sweat and friction with jeans in daily use. In addition to this, accidental spills must be treated immediately to minimise the chance of staining.

Some of the most heavily used furniture items are Sofas and chairs. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance a good knowledge of how best to look after leather and textile finishes will ensure you enjoy your furniture for many years to come.

This maintenance guide describes recommendations for dusting, cleaning and stain removal on furniture leather, textiles, wood and other furniture surfaces in our product range. For furniture with specific care and maintenance requirements these will be provided by the manufacturer on purchase. The guidance below will assist you to get the best use of your furniture and keep it looking like new!